About Us


Established by a wily old battler named Randolph Murdoch way back in 1863, the Waterton Chronicle has always had as it’s core value the relentless pursuit of the truth behind the news.

Determined from the age of three not to take newspapers too seriously, Randolph knew from the moment he could read what his destiny was.

Fresh off the boat in South Canterbury, New Zealand, Randolph dragged the printing press he stole from his former aristocratic overlords in Yorkshire up the beach, fending off giant mosquitoes, paranoid flightless birds, and the occasional concerned local, Randolph eventually made it into the relative peace and quiet of the bush.

Several days and many toppled native trees later, Randolph and his slightly worse for wear printing press collapsed into a clearing in the bush.Having had enough of being a battler for now, Randolph set up camp in the clearing, which he tentatively named “Waterton” apparently in reference to the giardia-ridden sorry excuse for a stream that trickled past the location.

He immediately got to work finding and writing about the truth behind the news, and nearly 200 years later, here we are.

Welcome to The Waterton Chronicle. Keep up to date with all the news at www.watertonchronicle.com. And make sure you like and share this page so all your friends can stay up to date too.

And remember, it’s satire. That means we report the news in a banterish kind of way. The stories are meant to be fun, not necessarily the truth.

Kind of like real news, but different.

Bryan Firebrand

Editor – The Waterton Chronicle