Supercars: What Ever Happened To Renee Gracie Starting Her Own Race Team?

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

With the news that Lethal Lee Holdsworth might be about to become the Will Davison of 2021, and lose his Tickford seat through no fault of his own, the absolute legends at The Waterton Chronicle got to chatting about potential replacements. 

Earlier this year Renee caused quite the kerfuffle in the mainstream media with the revelation that getting your pink bits out on the internet is more profitable than being a bit mediocre at driving racing cars. 

Almost six months after announcing the team, that we just have to assume would be called Pussy Wagon Racing, apparently nothing else has happened, or so we thought. 

With a little bit of poking and prodding, and deeply penetrative journalism, The Waterton Chronicle has revealed what the mainstream media normally calls “a projection”. 

Sources familiar with the situation at Pussy Wagon Racing have revealed to this reporter that despite the fledgling outfit not having a factory, racing cars, sponsors, or even anyone capable of keeping the so far mythical car on the track for any reasonable length, of time, they’re on the hunt for drivers. 

“Yeah, with the media yapping on about David Reynolds apparently regretting signing a ten year contract with a midfield team for some reason, Renee has jumped on that opportunity pretty enthusiastically.” the source explained. 

“Imagine the attention I’d get if I got David in the actual Pussy Wagon!” Renee apparently told the source while they were out the back of her dad’s house having a lowkey durrie. 

The source said that Renee is “working overtime” to secure enough funds to not only buy out Reynolds’ contract, but also set up the actual team. 

More to come. 

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