Formula One: Lewis Hamilton Not Happy With “Unfair” Turkey Conditions

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Basically guaranteed 2020 World Champion (Valterri, it’s James….) Lewis Hamilton has spent the time between the end of qualifying in Turkey and right now having a massive whinge about how slippery the circuit is, and is apparently calling it “unfair to the fans, unfair to me, unfair to Roscoe, unfair to vulnerable people everywhere, man.”.

Apparently Lewis’ main issue is that the ridiculously slippery track conditions favour people used to driving on ice, and apparently a Mexican, an Australian, and a Thai. 

“I mean, these guys deal with these conditions all the time, man.” Lewis claimed. 

“Even Sergio (Perez, from Mexico)?” this reporter asked. 

“Well. I’m pretty sure they have snow somewhere there?” 

“And Ricciardo?” 

“Again, Australia has skifields, so clearly he’s used to those conditions.” Lewis said, in a kind of agitated fashion. 

“What about Albon? Do they have snow in Thailand?” this reporter pressed. 

“Man, he grew up in London.” Lewis explained. 

“Didn’t you grow up nearby?” this reporter pressed again. 

“Look man, I’m over it, I just think it’s not good for the fans if I’m stuck driving on a track I can’t deal with, while someone else wins because they’re faster than me.” Lewis ranted. 

When The Waterton Chronicle asked Lewis if he was driving on the same track as everyone else, he got a bit sh**ty and stormed out before we could ask him if he’d been practicing his Scandinavian flicks. 

More to come. 

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