Supercars: Jack Smith ‘Feels Bad’ For Fabian Coulthard

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Expert at binning it for no apparent reason, and usually backwards, Jack Smith, has apparently weighed in on the predicament facing Fabian Coulthard, as the former DJR Team Penske driver’s options for 2021 continue to diminish. 

The giant Pussy.. Cat Dolls fan has opened up to The Waterton Chronicle about Fabs’ plight, and shed some light on where he thinks the left-foot braker went wrong. 

“Yeah, man, it reminds me of one of my favourite Pussy songs, Don’t Cha.” Jack explained. 

Jack went on to explain that he had reworked the lyrics in his head to be a bit more relevant to the current situation. 

“Don’t cha wish your Daddy was rich like mine, Don’t cha. Don’t cha?!” Jack sang. 

When this reporter asked Jack if he felt bad being a bit useless but keeping his seat, while Fabs is facing the prospect of not having a drive next year, Jack was clear. 

“Mate, it honestly doesn’t matter these days how good you are at the actual racing and driving and stuff. All that really matters is how much money you bring to the table.”. 

Jack went on to explain that his advice to Fabs would be to find a rich dad to pay for his seat. 

“Worked for me, man.” Jack explained. 

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