F1: “Ericsson Hit Me!” Says Albon After Dropping It Again

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

As Helmut Marko’s finger gets closer and closer to Alex Albon’s launch button with every passing day, the “Thai” driver has apparently taken a leaf out of another soon to be former F1 driver’s book (Romain Grosjean), and blamed another former F1 driver, Marcus Ericsson, for the incident that saw Alex Albon finish ahead of Max Verstappen.

The Waterton Chronicle sent a reporter to Imola to investigate. 

“Well. We gave Alex the worst possible setup we could come up with for the start of the race to make sure that he had no chance of being anywhere near ‘Golden Balls’ (Max). Because obviously Helmut (Marko) is trying to cut him loose.” Red Bull team boss Christian (Ginger Spice) Horner explained. 

But when Max binned it after once again not giving a fxxk about even attempting to control tyre temperatures, Helmut had to quickly come up with a new strategy to make it look like Albon is bad at driving. 

“Yes. So I immediately asked the team to tell Alex that if he doesn’t win the race, he’s gone.” the giant Helmut explained. 

And right on cue, poor old Alex fell straight into Helmut’s trap, dropping it after the Safety Car restart. 

It remains to be seen who will be Helmut’s next victim. 

“Maybe Hartley wasn’t that bad?” Helmut was heard whispering to Ginger Spice in the paddock after the race.   

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