Supercars: Parity Pelican Unfortunately Avoids Mishap At Scotty’s First Indy Practice

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Scotty McLaughlin’s first actual race in Indycar ended in a bit of a crash, which sources familiar with the situation have claimed may have been caused by a pelican distracting the Indycar rookie with a “bit of a flash” at turn 8.

It appears the Parity Squadron are still not over the fact that Scotty might actually just be a better driver than the Triple 8 mob, and so dispatched one of their own to fly into the Indianapolis Motor Speedway complex to “observe” the rookie’s first laps at the brickyard. 

As Scotty was about to cross the finish line at around 220mph (around 354km/h for those of us that use actual units of measurement), a giant pelican appears to have landed on the track in what apparently was an attempt to once again reinforce who really thinks they’re in charge. 

According to reports coming out of Indianapolis, the giant pelican invaded the circuit via the air, and obviously the wind beneath it’s wings, and stood stoically in front of Scotty as he approached at somewhere north of 350kmh. 

Thankfully for everyone, Scotty is actually good at driving and spotted the lone ‘parity’ campaigner with enough time to take evasive action, with the only damage being a large amount of pelican shxt on the outside of turn 4.

The Waterton Chronicle spoke to the defiant pelican, Pablo, after the incident.

“Yeah, look, I’m only here because Paulie (Head of Parity at Supercars, Paulie the Parity Pelican) is not done with Scotty yet.” Pablo explained. 

When this reporter asked Pablo if he had seen what normally happened to birds at Indy, he was unaware.