Supercars: Holden Idiots Crack Tiny Woody’s After Scotty McLaughlin Bins It

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

There’s quite the shxtstorm going down on social media tonight after former Holden, Volvo and more recently Ford driver Scott McLaughlin made his debut in Indycars overnight, and binned it in a car he barely knows, on a track he turned up to for the first time three days before the race. 

Reports are coming in that the yokels that haven’t noticed that Holden hasn’t been a thing for several years now, also apparently haven’t noticed that Scotty has a giant Chevrolet bowtie logo on his overalls, and despite this, they’ve apparently decided to burn an old lounge suite in the front lawn anyway. 

The Waterton Chronicle sent a reporter along to witness the stupidity. 

“Eeeee he cheated, and then he crashed.” Corey told this reporter.

Corey went on to explain that while he had never actually watched an Indycar race before Scotty turned up, and while he was a bit “under the weather” to be paying much attention to Scotty’s racing, he was super happy that Scotty had the same Chevy badge as he has on his VE Commodore SV6. 

“Yeah bruh, that was trippy as fxxk.” Corey explained, as he sipped sheepishly on a Woody.

Apparently just as the smouldering ruins of the couch cooled down, Corey stopped sucking down the Woody’s long enough to remember that he apparently is a bit angry at Scotty. 

“Oh, nah man. That dudes all good now.” Corey told this reporter, as he tried to lay down on the smouldering carcass of the couch.  

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