Supercars: Whincup Reviews Footage Of Giant Bathurst Fxxkup, Remains Defiant

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

As the dust settles on yet another Kiwi winning Bathurst, attention has apparently turned to what the fxxk Whincup was thinking. 

With only about five and a half hours remaining in the race, Whincup took the obvious option of trying to pass the notoriously compliant Brodie Kostecki on the outside of the cutting in what Jamie has described as a “desperate attempt to win the race”. 

When The Waterton Chronicle asked Jamie if he maybe could have just waited patiently to pass old mate at Griffins, like everyone else did, the seven-times Supercars champion was defiant. 

“See gap, pass car.” Jamie explained. 

When this reporter asked for clarification, Jamie was adamant. 

“See gap, pass car!” explained the fuel-saving legend, angrily. 

This reporter spoke to Craig Lowndes about the prospect of having to deal with Jamie’s constant brain fades at Bathurst for several years to come. 

“Yeah, look, it probably would have been better if he didn’t bin it trying to pass old mate, but, y’know, that’s Jamie. And Jamie is a bit special. So we all have to work around that.” Lowndes explained. 

The Waterton Chronicle managed to track down seasoned Whincup victim Paul Dumbrell as he was exiting the venue. 

“Oh yeah. The ‘Hello darkness my old friend’ thing is fast moving from meme to reality.” Paul explained. 

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