Supercars: Whincup Should Probably Just Chill Out A Bit, Poll Finds

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

With yet another epic Bathurst 1000 behind us, and with Jamie Whincup once again demonstrating his lack of understanding around things like maths, decision-making, and risk v reward, The Waterton Chronicle conducted a poll. 

The goal of the poll was to discover if anyone anywhere thought that trying to pass Captain Brodie “I’m good at iRacing” Kostecki on the outside of the cutting barely an hour into a six hour race was ever going to work out well. 

The results are in. 

The overwhelming consensus is that in fact, it probably would have been better for Mark Skaife if Jamie had just waited another lap or two and passed Brodie at turn 2, like everyone else did. 

Not keen on agreeing that he’s a bit of a spanner, Jamie had a different opinion. 

“Yeah, look, I probably could have done what anyone else would do at the beginning of a very long race. But y’know, that’s just a bit too mainstream for me.” Jamie explained. 

“I mean, look at my history around this place.” he added. 

When this reporter asked Jamie about Shane and Garth’s win, he was emphatic. 

“Well, they wouldn’t have won if I hadn’t binned it, so it doesn’t really count, does it.”.