Supercars: Skaife Has A Cry When Whincup Bins It

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

With the Bathurst 1000 done for another year, and with Whincup once again succumbing to his customary “I’m at Bathurst so I need to turn off my brain” thing, no one was more upset than Mark Skaife. 

Even Craig Lowndes seemed to just accept the fact that if Jamie was going to fxxk it, he may as well do it early.

“At least I can spend the afternoon working on my cocktails now.” Lowndes told this reporter, with his customary grin. 

The situation with Whincup binning it turned out to be a hugely contentious issue, with everyone except Mark Skaife agreeing that Whincup probably should have just not tried such a stupid move. 

To be fair to Mr Skaife, it did take him almost a lap to process the fact that his golden child had fxxked up, and when he realised what was going on, he immediately started ranting about penalties for anyone not in a Triple 8 car. 

“Yeah, look, I just think it’s really out of order that people don’t just let Jamie go past. They forced him into trying to actually race. It’s on them when he demolishes his car as a result of their petulance.” Skaife told this reporter. 

“I’ll be having a word to Paulie and his squadron of Parity Pelicans to ensure this ridiculous situation doesn’t repeat itself.”

When this reporter asked if the victory for Shane van Gisbergen in the other Red Bull car was any consolation, Mr Skaife paused. 

“Well.. I mean.. Yeah.. it’s not bad I guess. But Murph calls gravel ‘shingle’. Those kiwis are on another planet.”