Supercars: Mark Skaife Fast-Tracks Weather Control Machine In The Name Of Parity

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

With the Tickford Ford pairing of Lee Holdsworth and Michael Caruso taking provisional pole for Sunday’s Bathurst 1000, Mark Skaife has apparently taken the unconventional step of ramping up development of a machine designed to avoid such travesties in the future. 

“Yeah, look, I spoke to Paulie (Head of Supercars, Paulie the Parity Pelican), and he was adamant we needed to do something about this situation. So I made some phone calls, and we’re pretty sure we’ll be able to get the weather machine up and running in time for the top 10 shootout.”. 

Speaking exclusively to The Waterton Chronicle, Skaife explained that he was “a bit unimpressed” with Holdsworth taking provisional pole. 

“I mean, obviously we didn’t used to be able to control the weather, but what we can control is whether or not Holden wins.” the human/pelican hybrid explained. 

“Sure, Lee may have won this one, but he’s in for a nasty surprise tomorrow.” Skaife added. 

This reporter understands that Skaife and his team are working in partnership with his team of pelicans overnight to simultaneously get his weather machine up and running, and also make sure that his friends at Supercars leave no bolt unscrewed in their pursuit of “parity” on the Holdsworth car after such a petulant display of pace. 

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