Australian Citizens Trapped Overseas Start Enrolling As International Students To Get Back Home

Mark Lewis | Foreign Correspondent | CONTACT

A new trend has emerged as Australian citizens stuck offshore due to border lockdowns have started enrolling in Australian universities, to expedite their return home.

The trend started after the SA and NT governments announced last week that they would fly international students back into Australia, after relentless lobbying by the university ticket-clipping industry.

Fed up with being abandoned by the Australian Government, ex-pats have started enrolling as students to expedite their return to Australia, exposing a loophole in the legislation allowing them to enrol as international students.

Ex-pat Scott, 31, described the situation trying to get home from the UK.

“When I saw the situation overseas and saw that foreigners were being given priority, I thought, I can have a go and get a go too. What’s another useless Diploma of Hospitality? I was shocked when I went straight to the front of the queue,” Scott said.

Education Minister Dan Tehan refused to comment on the matter, but stated the government remained fully committed to supporting rent-seeking in the industry wherever they could.

“Australia has the best edumigration program in the world and we intend to support that as much as possible,” Tehan stated.

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