Supercars: Head Of Supercars “Upbeat” As New Manufacturers Hinted

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Just as it was looking like Supercars might be destined to become The “Mustang” Cup, the pelicans running the series have apparently been thrown a lifeline overnight, with rumours swirling that several manufacturers are set to join Ford from 2021. 

After taking a serious hit last year when Holden tried to pretend front wheel drive Opel’s were in fact exactly the same as rear wheel drive V8 Holdens, and predictably sold about four, it was looking like Supercars might have to face the prospect of switching it’s focus from relentlessly trying to stop Ford from winning, to just making sure anyone other than Scott McLaughlin wins. 

Thankfully, the Mustang Cup might not be a reality, for a year or two at least, after several manufacturers of yesteryear have apparently expressed an interest in joining the series. 

Speaking exclusively to The Waterton Chronicle, Head of Supercars Paulie the Parity Pelican was coy when asked about the new manufacturers likely to enter the series.

“Is it BMW? KIA? Volvo? Mercedes? Nissan maybe?” this reporter asked. 

“Lol, no. We kind of burned them in the past with our relentless pursuit of ‘parity’” the seabird explained. 

“We’ve had some interest from a few manufacturers that, like Holden, don’t even exist anymore, so for us they seem like a good fit.”.

“Triumph reckon they can give the Mustangs a run for their money with their TR6 Supercar, Lada have said they’re keen to see what a Niva 4×4 Supercar can do, and of course Roland (Dane) has been in talks with Reliant for a while now to have a go with a Robin.” 

Paulie went on to explain that if Triple 8 do enter a Reliant Robin, then obviously the teams running four wheels will have to make “concessions” to ensure a fair competition.

“Yeah mate, they’ll have to remove a wheel, obviously.” explained the pelican.