Renee Gracie Announces New Porsche Racing Team Name

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Following the news that Renee Gracie has decided to give hanging around the back of the field and randomly and often inexplicably sampling tyre barriers and concrete walls another crack, the OnlyFans star has today revealed the name of her new racing team. 

In an apparent nod to the “roots” of the team, Gracie has revealed that her team will be branded “Bobs & Vagene Racing”, with sources “familiar” with Gracie, which let’s face it, is quite a few people these days courtesy of her OnlyFans content spreading far and wide, claiming the entrepreneur may have done a deal with some Indian fans of her work.

“The car will be decked out in a livery that both promotes her OnlyFans activities, while also hopefully serving to distract the other drivers.” the source explained, in what appears to be a hint that the livery will truly reflect the team name, with Renee’s bobs and vagene set to take a starring role once again

Plenty more to come.