Kanye Deemed “More Sane” Than Trump Or Biden, WUT Study Finds

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

As speculation continues to mount that years of dealing with the Kardashian/Jenner clan might have finally taken its toll on Kanye, an indepth Waterton University of Technology (WUT) study into the situation has revealed that the billionaire rapper might actually be “sane”, at least when compared to his main Presidential rivals. 

The study, headed up by WUT Professor of Political Science Wendy Weir-Allfuqkt, sought to determine who the most capable candidate for the leader of the free world is ahead of the election in November. 

“We looked at the three main candidates, being Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and for reasons no one can explain to anyone, Kanye West.” Wendy explained. 

“We then created a spreadsheet detailing all the ridiculously mental things all three candidates have said over the last few years, and frankly, Kanye is somehow not the least cognitively aware or blatantly pathological out of the group. In fact, while he’s clearly unhinged, he actually performed better in our study than both Trump and Biden in the key areas that most American voters consider important.” Wendy continued. 

Wendy went on to explain that really all the average American voter is looking for in a President these days is whether they’re famous, how often they’ve been on TV, and whether they’ve banged a Kardashian. 

“Obviously all three of them hit at least the first two criteria, but Kanye is apparently desperate to for once in his life get in before Ray J steals his thunder again.” 

The study concluded that despite Kanye having absolutely no political experience, and a plan to solve poverty by giving everyone a million bucks, at least he doesn’t grab people by the hair or the pussy, so he’s technically America’s only hope right now. 

Good luck, America.