F1: Williams Alleges Ferrari Stole Design, Seeks Money

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

In a shocking turn of events, Williams F1 has apparently noticed similarities between it’s cars of the last few years and the 2020 Ferrari, and put two and two together to work out that Ferrari is obviously copying them. 

“We noticed pretty early on that the car (the Ferrari) looked pretty shxt. Which led to us going back through the footage of the Austrian Grand Prix, and then more recently the Styrian Grand Prix.” a spokesperson for Williams explained. 

“What we found was that not only is the Ferrari copying our approach, they’re actually doing even worse than us.” the spokesperson, who definitely wasn’t Claire, explained. 

“At least our drivers manage to not crash into each other.”.

The spokesperson went on to tell The Waterton Chronicle they’ve launched an appeal with the FIA against Ferrari for what they’re calling “a clear and obvious case of theft” relating to the alleged theft of Williams’ so-called “intellectual” property. 

It remains to be seen whether Williams will be able to prove that their property is in fact intellectual, but it must be said, it does look increasingly likely that Ferrari might have indeed stolen the whole “let’s take a pretty good car and make it really shxt” idea from Williams. 

More to come.