F1: Lewis Hamilton To Wear Two Gold-Plated Padlock Necklaces At Next Race After Copping Penalty

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Following a chaotic return to actual racing in Austria yesterday that saw the whitest person on the grid, Valtteri Bottas, win the race ahead of fellow white men Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris, Lewis Hamilton has apparently commissioned his personal jeweller back in Monte Carlo to urgently hand-craft another gold-plated chain and padlock necklace to bolster his battle against racism and inequality. 

The news comes after Lewis copped a 5 second time penalty for punting Red Bull’s Alex Albon off the track as the Thai driver attempted the unthinkable, trying to pass Lewis Hamilton during a race. 

Speaking to The Waterton Chronicle after the race, Lewis remained as determined as ever to make sure everyone stops worrying about how good he is as a racing driver and instead focuses on the colour of his skin. 

“Yeah man, firstly I’d like to thank the fans.” he said, waving to an empty grandstand. 

“The outcome of the race obviously shows how racist this sport is. How can they give me a penalty? It’s obviously because I’m black. Alex (Albon) should know he can’t try that kind of stuff (attempting to pass Lewis). Maybe he’s racist too?” Lewis explained. 

Lewis went on to explain that when the second Austrian Grand Prix of the season kicks off this weekend, he’ll be wearing not one, but two gold-plated padlock chain necklaces, a symbol of the two “oppressive” penalties he received during the race weekend.

“Clearly the message didn’t get through that it’s not acceptable these days to let people compete on merit.” Lewis said. 

“I hope the stewards, teams and drivers will wake up and realise that the best outcome in the fight against racism and inequality is to let me win the race.”