Australian Police To Consult Facebook Comment Sections Before Dealing With Violent Offenders

Tony Henderson | Crime Reporter | CONTACT

Several Australian Police jurisdictions announced today that they will be implementing a revolutionary new policy in regards to policing techniques.

In the wake of recent protests around alleged Police brutality, Police will now be required to consult the comments section of their relevant social media pages before dealing with violent offenders.

Although officers have expressed concern that this will result in worsening conditions for Police, Commissioners in each state have pressed ahead with the changes.

Victoria Police Commissioner Shane Patton said he was proud Victoria was leading the charge.

“It’s obvious to us that people from the inner city who have never encountered violence and remain insulated from the reality of daily life, are best placed to provide advice on how we conduct our operations in high risk situations,” Patton said.

“Our target demographic is the female 25-60 crowd. They seem to know the most about how to deal with recidivist violent offenders, as evident by endless comment threads on encounters where we’ve had to use force. We strongly encourage them to comment and advise us frequently.”

Victoria is also looking to go one step further and introduce a revolutionary new technique that was also called for in the United States.

“We’ll be utilising social workers for most armed offender scenarios. These are a great alternative to the Special Operations Group and we no longer have to spend money on that,” Patton said.

Social workers are a good fit for active shooter and mass casualty events especially, so I’m proud Victoria will be leading yet another world first.”