“Men” Who Have Never Seen A Vagina In Real Life Are Most Concerned With “Aesthetics”, Study Finds.

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

A Waterton University of Technology (WUT) study released today confirms what most of us already knew, incels are a bit shxt. 

The study, overseen by WUT Professor of Gender Studies, Dr Put Mynani, PhD, involved interviewing 100 heterosexual men from various ethnic backgrounds, religious and political beliefs, professions, and even footy team allegiances. 

Basically all of them agreed that no one gives a fxxk what it looks like, it’s just a nice place to be. 

However, there were some outliers. 

“Yuck! I’d never go there bruh!” Chad, an unemployed 23 year old virgin said, after being shown a non-photoshopped picture. 

“I prefer my pussy tidy bruh.” Chad continued, before adjusting his backwards-placed Richmond FC cap that his mum bought him for Christmas a few years ago.. 

The study found that overall, the vast majority of men who have actually been there couldn’t give a fxxk what it looks like. Bryan, a 38 year old father of two, told this reporter he couldn’t care less what it looks like. 

“Nah man, I couldn’t care less what it looks like.” he explained. 

“These kids complaining about flaps and stuff probably just need to report back in the unlikely event they manage to convince some poor woman to let them go in there.” Bryan added.