Supercars: “You Know I Won Bathurst?” Percat Tells Coulthard In Awkward BJR Uber Ride

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

As the first actual race weekend in this brave new world came to a close at Sydney Motorsport Park this this afternoon, Fabian Coulthard found himself needing to order an Uber after his Mustang pulled a classic Ford move and broke down for no apparent reason at the end of the race.

Poor old Fabs’ heart sunk when out of the 23 available Ubers in the area at the time, the one that turned up was fxxking Nick Percat. 

“Oh great. This will be fun. Where the hell is Cam (Waters)?” Fabs muttered to himself as Percat pulled up.

“Maybe, I’ll walk back instead.” he thought to himself. 

After Percat insisted that Fabs just get in because he’d made the effort to come and pick him up, Fabs reluctantly complied. 

“How ya been mate?” Percat asked, as they set off for pitlane with Fabs perched on the rollcage, trying not to make eye contact. 

As Fabs was about to do the polite thing and answer, Percat interrupted him with “You see I won the race this arvo? Oh and you know I won Bathurst right?”. 

“Fxxk’s sake.” Fabs muttered to himself while staring longingly out the window of the Dunlop car, thinking of the good old days when he was winning races, and hoping for a quick exit when they get to back to the pits. 

“Want me to sign your helmet for you mate?” Percat asked as Fabs ran off.