Supercars: “Steal Someone Else’s Bobs And Vagene Pics”, Gracie Tells Indians

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Just when it looked like Renee Gracie had reached peak bogan, the former Supergirl has turned things up a notch or two with a rant about the entire country of India, and all Indian people. 

Renee is a bit unhappy that some enterprising Indians have apparently stolen her bobs and vagene pictures and videos from her OnlyFans stream and spread them far and wide free of charge, in a move that seems to reflect much more accurately the actual value of the “content”. 

The Waterton Chronicle spoke to Renee in an attempt to discover why she’s unhappy about Indians specifically, when it seems like basically everyone, whether brown, white, black, yellow, pink or red, have worked out that only an idiot would pay actual money for what she calls “content”. 

“I hear you’re a racist now, Renee?!” this reporter asked. 

“Mate, I’m not racist, I just don’t like Indians. Butter Chicken is pretty good though.” Renee explained. 

Renee went on to explain that in an attempt to stop Indians from stealing her bobs and vagene pics, she’s started banning anyone who looks even remotely Indian, or has a remotely Indian-sounding name from signing up to her OnlyFans stream, in what sounds like an absolutely flawless plan that definitely won’t just make more Indians see her bits for free. 

“Only white people named Corey or Brayden or Shane or Wayne are allowed to sign up now.” Renee explained. 

“If they have a HSV tattoo I’ll even give them the first month free.” she added. 

More to come.