Supercars: Thirsty Boys Mock Renee Gracie While Simultaneously Signing Up To OnlyFans

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

As Renee Gracie’s post-racing career income goes astronomical, thirsty boys everywhere are suffering from levels of hypocrisy not seen since the days when Pam and Tommy’s 80MB “boating” video took three days to download off BitTorrent.

 “I signed up to it. She’s gross.” Shane from Bacchus Marsh explained. 

Penrith virgin and self-described “ladies man” Trent told The Waterton Chronicle he thinks she’s gross, but that he signed up and paid actual money, but also added that it was definitely just to mock her. 

“Yeah mate, the ladies fxxkin love me mate. I could have any chick I want, mate.” he claimed, before the interview was cut short by his mum asking who he was talking to. 

Meanwhile, reports suggest that Renee is at time of press filling up the swimming pool at her house with the giant pile of cash she has so far extracted from all the idiots that don’t know how to use Google. 

“Yeah mate, she’s been pouring $50 and $100 bills into the pool for hours. She reckons it’ll be ready to swim in by tomorrow.” Renee’s dad explained. 

More to come.