Supercars: Renee Gracie’s Dad Happy To Finally See A Return On Investment

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Following the news that Renee Gracie has finally found something she’s good at (according to sources), her dad is reportedly “absolutely chuffed” that his strategy of dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars on Renee’s racing career over the years is finally paying off. 

Speaking exclusively to basically every media outlet in Australia, the Gracie’s explained how Renee’s alleged “career” in motorsport left her with “several transferable skills” that have seen her do quite well with the whole OnlyFans thing. 

“She’s apparently pretty good at gripping a shaft. Which she clearly learned from her time driving V8 Supercars.” her dad explained. 

“She’s also shown she’s not afraid to go three-wide into an ever diminishing gap.” 

“And the whole going on top of people thing came from her early karting days when she had issues engaging her brain long enough to hit the brake pedal.” added Renee’s dad. 

The Waterton Chronicle sought comment from devoted Renee Gracie fan David Reynolds, but sadly Tahan was having none of it. 

When this reporter asked Renee’s dad if he thought it was a bit weird promoting his own daughter’s porn career, he was philosophical in his response. 

“Meh. She’s had enough work done, most of her isn’t even related to me these days.”.