Supercars: Renee Gracie To Debut Most Expensive Rig In Final E-Series Round

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Following the news that former Supercars “driver” Renee Gracie has swapped mounting tyre barriers for mounting other rubber-clad protrusions, Supercars has apparently decided for reasons completely unrelated to Renee’s boobs that maybe it’s worth giving her a wildcard entry to next week’s final round of the BP Supercars All Stars E-Series. 

Despite seeing her weekly earnings skyrocket from a fairly liveable $25,000 a week to what The Waterton Chronicle entirely speculates is somewhere north of $50,000 a week after her and her dad publicly updated her CV earlier in the week, Renee is reportedly keen to cash in on the renewed interest in her “racecraft”. 

This reporter caught up with David Reynolds, who explained that he’d be quite keen to get Renee on the grid. 

“Fxxk Yeah! Pussy Wagon!” David explained. 

Head of Supercars Paulie the Parity Pelican told The Waterton Chronicle he’s “excited at the prospect” of getting Renee on the grid for the final round next week. 

“Yeah, look, Renee brings with her a particular set of assets.” Paulie squawked. 

 “Her rig by itself cost significantly more than anything the rest of the grid has at their disposal. And I’m not talking about her secondhand Logitech setup, if ya know what I mean…” the seabird added, with a wink. 

“At the very least she’ll give Jack Smith a run for his money.”.