Supercars: Clouds Gather Over Category As Half The Grid Sign Up To OnlyFans

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

As if the category wasn’t already in massive trouble, things appear to have taken a turn for the even more FUBAR following the revelation that former Supergirl Renee Gracie is making a fxxkload more money than anyone in Supercars, albeit with a somewhat similar business model. 

Following a racing “career” that consisted of not much more than a pretty face and a panelbeaters invoice, Gracie has put her talents for fxxking people on the racetrack to good use, with the former “driver” somehow getting people to pay to watch her fxxk people off-track too.

The news has reportedly ruffled some feathers up and down pitlane (and Jack Perkins’ house), with basically the entire grid apparently pretty keen to “explore the options” around OnlyFans. 

The Waterton Chronicle spoke to severely part-time driver Jack Perkins, who explained that he was unhappy with the whole situation, especially the part where Renee gets $25,000 a week just for getting her bits out, and David Reynolds had to pay $25,000 when he said idiotic things about her bits back in 2015. 

“Yeah mate, it’s bloody outrageous. Why don’t we all just get our gear off?” Jack explained, horrifyingly. 

Apparently a few people listened, because this reporter understands that at time of press pretty much everyone except Roland and Roger Penske are looking into the idea of setting up their own OnlyFans accounts in the hope of earning some actual money for once. 

Meanwhile, Supercars management, in partnership with Foxtel, are apparently looking into whether Gracie might have breached some sort of contract by stealing their business model. 

Head of Supercars Paulie the Parity Pelican told this reporter their main concern is that Gracie is apparently getting a fxxkload of wankers to pay her to watch a show that is of such low actual entertainment value it should really be free. 

“That’s our domain. And we are masters of our domain.” a Foxtel spokesperson explained.