Supercars: Jack Smith Learns “Revolutionary” New Cornering Technique

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Brad Jones Racing financier Jack Smith’s dad has revealed today that after spending a couple of hours in the simulator today, Jack has come up with a “revolutionary” new approach to driving ahead of tonight’s BP Supercars All Stars E-series round. 

The news comes after Jack’s standard approach of hitting corner entries backwards drew some criticism from pretty much everyone. 

“It took some time to convince young Jack that there might be a better way, but we got there in the end.” Jack’s dad told The Waterton Chronicle. 

“So for the last few hours he’s been working on changing his approach, with the result being that he’s now pretty confident he can probably go a bit faster if he goes around corners forwards.”. 

“The data seems to support that.” Jack’s dad added. 

This reporter understands Jack is “pretty stoked” with the progress so far, and is really just looking forward to hopefully not being called a “fxxkwit” this week. If the new cornering technique works tonight, Jack will apparently start learning how to not randomly crash into other cars, ahead of next weeks Supercars E-series round.