Jacinda Spends NZ’s Last $25 On Maccas Family Meal Box

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

In a developing story, it appears New Zealand’s Prime Minister has spent the country’s last $25 on a bit of a treat for First Dad Clarke in these difficult times. 

The Waterton Chronicle understands that after spending the last two weeks desperately trying to completely drain the Treasury’s coffers as quickly as possible, the part-time hijab and hugs fan was struggling to find something to spend the last $25 on, until Clarke came up with a genius idea. 

“How bout some Macca’s?” the keen fisherman reportedly asked. 

“Oh yeah? What do you fancy?” Jacinda replied. 

“Filet-O-Fish.” said Clarke. 

“You know this will leave us with absolutely no money right?” Jacinda responded. 

“Yeah it’s all good babe, I’ve been playing a bit of SimCity lately, and whenever I run out of money on there I just type “call cousin vinnie” and free money appears. It’s pretty choice eh. I’m pretty sure you guys in the government must have some kind of code you can use to just magic money out of nowhere too?” 

Jacinda told this reporter she googled it and it turns out that yes, there is a code the New Zealand Government can use. 

“It’s similar. ‘call cousin xi’, but obviously the numbers are a lot bigger, and it’s not ‘technically’ free.” she explained.