Supercars: Panelbeaters Everywhere Lobby For Actual Reverse Grid Races

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Panelbeaters across the Commonwealth are uniting to campaign for Supercars to introduce reverse grid races at every race of the actual, real life, Supercars championship, for “reasons”. 

The Waterton Chronicle spoke to Waterton panelbeater Wayne Hammersmith (48) who explained that times have been tough. 

“Times have been tough.” he explained. 

“People aren’t driving their cars as much due to this bloody china virus. So they’re not crashing.”. 

“But we’re pretty sure, after watching a couple of iRacing reverse grid Supercars races, that they could single-handedly rescue the panelbeating industry if we ever get to go properly racing again.” Wayne explained. 

Wayne told this reporter that if that wasn’t an option (having reverse grid races every round), “why not just put Jack Smith on pole position every time?”

“We’ll even pay his dad a finder’s fee of sorts.” Wayne added.