Supercars: “If I Don’t Do Quali, I Can’t Be Last” Says Marcos Ambrose

With the fourth round of the BP Supercars All Stars E-Series heading to e-America tonight, Marcos Ambrose is confident his strategy of just not turning up for qualifying will pay off, somehow. 

Eyebrows were raised when Marcos was a no show in the qualifying session tonight, but the Tasmanian and massive Greg Murphy fan has cleared things up in a revealing couple of comments made exclusively to The Waterton Chronicle. 

“Mate, I was a bit distracted practicing Street Fighter in case Greg Murphy turns up to be honest.” Marcos explained. 

“Yeah, sure, normally the whole idea of qualifying is to try to go as fast as possible. In my case, my “fast as possible” is, just between you and me, probably even worse than Jamie Whincup’s effort on iRacing so far.”. 

“Anyway, if I don’t turn up to quali, I can’t technically be last.” explained the Tasmanian. 

Marcos went on to explain that he read in “the news” yesterday that there’d be a fighting option added to iRacing specifically for him, so wasn’t too worried about the actual racing.