Supercars: iRacing Fast-tracks “Streetfighter II Turbo” Minigame Ahead Of Ambrose Cameo

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Reports are coming in that iRacing has hastily integrated 90s classic “Streetfighter II Turbo” into the simulator, apparently in an effort to increase the realism ahead of Marcos Ambrose’s appearance in the BP Supercars All Stars E-Series tomorrow. 

“When we were made aware late last week that Marcos (Ambrose) would be participating, we realised he would probably miss the whole getting in fights with other drivers after crashes thing.” an iRacing spokesperson told The Waterton Chronicle. 

“So we got onto it really quickly and have released the minigame via a patch tonight.”. 

The spokesperson told this reporter the minigame option will be exclusively available to Marcos Ambrose at first, with plans to allow Greg Murphy, Russel Ingall, Mark Skaife, and Paul Morris to use it should they participate in future rounds. Max Verstappen will also have access to the feature apparently, albeit limited to post-race weigh-ins. 

“While the result of the minigame fight will have absolutely no bearing on the outcome of the race, we’re confident it will make Marcos feel better about himself for a few minutes at least.” the spokesperson explained. 

The list of playable characters in the minigame will apparently be limited at first to Ryu and Ken, with E.Honda becoming available should Paul Morris join the series.