F1: Social Media Decides Charles Leclerc Is “Overrated”, Sebastian Vettel Agrees

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

With absolutely nothing happening on the track so far this year, F1 fans have resorted to keeping themselves vaguely entertained by getting involved in arguments with complete strangers about which driver they think is the best, worst, underrated, overrated, funny or not funny. 

And the results are in. For some reason social media thinks that Charles Leclerc is more overrated than the likes of Romain “Ericsson hit me” Grosjean, and Daniil “The Torpedo” Kvyat. 

The result comes despite the fact Leclerc made his team mate, four time world champion Sebastian Vettel, look like Pastor Maldonado last year, despite both being in the same car. 

The Waterton Chronicle contacted several poll respondents and asked them to explain why they think Leclerc is deserving of the “overrated” title. 

“Because I said so. That’s why.” explained Bastiaan, a Max Verstappen fan. 

“Vettel! Vettel! Vettel!” Fabrizio, a Ferrari fan, told this reporter. 

“Because he didn’t crash as many times as me and seems like he’s actually pretty fast.” Sebastian, a racing driver, added.