Supercars: Walkinshaw To Run Silverados Next Year After BMW Says “Fxxk That”

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Reports are coming in that Walkinshaw Andretti United is pretty much going to run giant utes dressed up to look like Supercars in 2021, after the outfit’s dream of getting people to pay double the price of a Mustang for essentially the same thing fell apart for some reason. 

Team boss Ryan Walkinshaw told The Waterton Chronicle this afternoon that Plan A was to run Camaros, with Plan B revolving around Chaz Mostert’s ability to somehow convince BMW to turn up and get demolished by an endless stream of “parity measures”. 

“We’re onto Plan C now.” Ryan explained. 

“We’re somewhat confident we can fit the Silverado’s somewhat large profile around the Car of the Future chassis. It’s not like we have a choice really. The rules are the rules.” he added. 

“At least with the Silverado we can just drive over the top of people rather than having to bother with actually trying to pass them.”