Supercars: Roland Campaigns For Mustangs To “Be Allowed To Show Their True Potential”

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Following the news today that Camaro’s won’t be sold in Australia any more, Triple 8 boss Roland Dane has apparently taken the unusual step of recommending that Supercars cut the Mustangs some slack next year. 

After years of trying absolutely anything to slow the Mustangs down, Dane is reportedly now pretty keen to make sure they’re as fast as possible next year, for, reasons. 

“Yeah look, we kind of thought we’d be running Camaros next year. We thought Supercars might have been able to avoid the whole “Mustang Cup” joke, that’s been going around for a while, becoming a reality. Apparently that’s not the case.” Dane told The Waterton Chronicle. 

Roland went on to explain that if there are only Mustangs on the grid next year, then they may as well go as fast as they can possibly go. 

“We only really wanted them to slow down with all that silly ballast in the roof and aero stuff so we could keep winning races and stuff. We didn’t actually think Supercars would make them do it.” Dane explained, with a chuckle.