Supercars: NSW Government Investigating Supercars Over Crowd At Bathurst

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

The NSW Government is apparently looking at ways it can issue fines to pixels on a screen tonight after the Supercars All Stars E-Series broadcast clearly showed thousands of spectators in the stands and lining the track at Bathurst, in clear breach of COVID-19 lockdown laws. 

NSW Police Chief Murray Fineham told The Waterton Chronicle he has given the squad tomorrow off after noticing at least 100,000 “people” watching the virtual race, “in clear breach of our lockdown rules”. 

“It’s astounding to me how people can be so stupid. I mean, honestly, these people are putting themselves and everyone else at risk by attending this event.” Fineham explained. 

“We’ll be spending the next three to six months examining all the footage, with the aim being to issue PINs (newspeak for “fines”) to every single one of them.”. 

“The good news is we’ve smashed our quota for the next few days at least, and we don’t have to worry about looking for surfies tomorrow” Murray added. 

Murray also told this reporter a separate investigation has been launched into “multiple breaches of social distancing rules”, with a particular focus on Jake Kostecki after he wen’t straight through Macauley Jones during Race 3.

“We’re also looking into why Jamie Whincup spent the entire evening crashing into everyone.” Murray added.