Supercars: “Will Power The Key” Says Will Power

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Indycar championship and Indy 500 winner Will Power says “Will Power” will be the key to winning tomorrow night’s third Supercars All Stars E-Series round, as Triple 8 prepares to absolutely smash penalty-giver Craig Baird with protests over just about anything Will does or doesn’t do. 

“It’s unlikely we’ll be able to do what Max (Verstappen) and Shane (van Gisbergen) did last week, because we’re not driving Opels (“Holdens”).” Will explained. 

“So we’ll probably have to rely more on staying out of trouble and being the fastest cars on the track, which is likely to take a lot of Will Power, especially in the likely event they find something to penalise us for.” Power continued. 

Will told The Waterton Chronicle he’s hoping to make it a little bit harder for Triple 8 to whinge on the radio by deploying his standard tactic of complaining constantly throughout the entire race about everything from backmarkers to the expression on the face of some guy at turn 3. 

“You just have to keep going, man.” Will explained.