Cocaine Cassie Starts Amazon E-Commerce Site

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Recently paroled headphone and cocaine connoisseur Cassie Sainsbury has apparently got straight back into the entrepreneurial spirit with the launch of  a custom-designed line of wireless headphones called “Hits By Cassie”. 

Cassie told The Waterton Chronicle the initial setup is going well, with the Amazon store going live this morning following the arrival at her rented Bogota apartment of the first shipment of 18 boxes of headphones. 

“Yeah, we’re ready to make some cash!” Cassie explained. 

Priced at $399, or about $1.10 per gram as Cassie prefers, the headphones will initially only be available in “Powder White”, with “Hepatitis Red” and “Jumpsuit Orange” options set to launch later in the year. 

More to come.