Supercars: Roland Says “Parity Isn’t The Issue” After Verstappen And Van Gisbergen Clean Up E-Series Round Two

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Triple 8 boss Roland Dane has been quick to bat away speculation that maybe the Holden’s (Opel’s to our European and Australian readers) in iRacing might need a parity adjustment after Round Two of the E-Series was cleaned up fairly comprehensively by Shane van Gisbergen and some guy called Max Verstappen. 

“Pfft. Maybe the Ford teams should just stop whingeing for once and concentrate on being faster.” Roland reportedly said. 

“Yeah, sure, Max has a bit of experience on the tracks we went to tonight. So what?” Dane ranted. 

“Next they’ll be demanding we put 30kg of virtual ballast on the roof, or take off half of our downforce  or something so they can keep up. It’s completely ridiculous. It’s not our fault their drivers aren’t fast enough to win races.” Roland, added, while sending a virtual high-five to F1 superstar Max Verstappen.

“If they spent more time making their cars faster and their drivers better, they wouldn’t have to worry about what we’re doing.” Dane added.