Supercars: Roland Dane Looking To “Pull A Bradbury” With SVG/Verstappen Punting Combo

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Triple 8 Red Bull “Holden” Racing Team boss Roland Dane is “pretty sure” parity will be restored to the series tonight after the announcement earlier in the week that current Red Bull F1 driver and seasoned iRacing racer Max Verstappen was drafted in, in what appears to be a desperate bid to not be embarrassed by Scott McLaughlin yet again. 

“The first round was disappointing for us, with Jamie absolutely nowhere and Shane getting punted off by the Mario Kart world champion Jack Smith.” Roland told The Waterton Chronicle. 

“So we went away and had a think about how we could spice things up a bit in order to win the next round. My old mate Helmut (Marko, head of Red Bull F1) pointed out that Max enjoys punting off other cars as much as Shane, and came up with the idea of putting them both on the same track to try to punt off as many cars as possible.” Roland explained. 

“Basically our strategy is a combination of Top Gun and Steve Bradbury’s gold medal effort at the winter Olympics. We can’t beat Scotty on sheer pace or talent, but we can certainly have a go at punting everyone off in the hope that we end up at the front.”. 

“And Max and Shane are really the only drivers in the entire Red Bull stable that will not hesitate to turn someone around.” Roland added.