Jamie Whincup Has Last Minute ”What Is A Safety Car?” Refresher Ahead Of Supercars E-Series Race

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

With the first Supercars All Stars E-Series Round Presented by Coronavirus set to kick off in under an hour, Triple 8 has reportedly spent the afternoon attempting to get Jamie Whincup to remember what the whole idea of safety cars is, apparently in the hope that he at least tries to resist the urge to pass one in the virtual world, if he can’t control himself in the real world. 

Team boss Roland Dane told The Waterton Chronicle the lesson is going “pretty well”. 

“We’ve still got some work to do, sure. But he seems to be grasping the general concept of the safety car better now, so we’re confident we won’t have an issue as long as we remind him at the time should a safety car be deployed.” Dane explained. 

“See car, pass car! Shiny!” Whincup told this reporter. 

Roland went on to explain that the team has moved on to attempting to explain to Jamie the somewhat crucial role fuel plays in keeping a car moving. 

“I mean, it’s always been difficult to get Jamie to grasp this concept with real life cars, so trying to explain to him that iRacing cars on a computer also ‘need fuel’ is proving a bit of a challenge.” Roland explained.