F1: Virtual Grand Prix At Melbourne Hailed As “Most Realistic Ever”

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

F1 held its second virtual race this morning, with the confusingly named“ Vietnam Virtual Grand Prix” held at Melbourne’s Albert Park circuit. 

With an allegedly “star-studded” field of “professional drivers” including little-known racing driver but quite well-known England cricketer Ben Stokes, the race unfolded pretty much exactly as every real life Australian Grand Prix for the last ten years, with Charles Leclerc leading from start to finish and finishing the race a casual ten seconds ahead of the rest of the field. 

F1 scaredy-cat turned attention-seeking commentator Nico Rosberg told The Waterton Chronicle he was impressed with the “realism” of F1 2019, calling it “the most realistic simulation (sic) ever created, yeah?”. 

With pretty much nothing happening from about lap 2 until the end of the virtual “race”, it was left to rookie Ben Stokes to provide fans with something resembling “entertainment”, with the World Cup hero/villain showing vintage form, smashing his car all over the park. 

“Yeah it wasn’t a bad knock mate. A bit disappointed I didn’t put it over the fence but I had a crack.” Stokes explained. 

“The other races in this virtual championship have a lot to live up to, yeah?” Nico said, not actually asking a question. 

“Bahrain was disappointing yeah? There was just too much going on. It wasn’t anywhere near a realistic depiction of Formula One races, yeah?” he said. 

“But the Virtual Grand Prix of Vietnam at Melbourne was absolutely realistic, yeah?”.