Supercars: Chaz Mostert Sharpens His Punting Off Cam Waters Skills On Forza Motorsport 7

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Bathurst winner and apparent Cam Waters magnet Chaz Mostert has reportedly spent the last few days sharpening his punting other people off at random skills ahead of the upcoming Supercars E-Series Presented By Coronavirus. 

The Bathurst winner already had pretty finely-tuned real world skills when it comes to punting off Cam Waters, but told The Waterton Chronicle he needed to do a bit of work to make sure those real world skills were up to scratch in the virtual world. 

“Yeah mate, I got pretty good at it towards the end of last year, but I wanted to make sure I could replicate that ability in the iRacing world.” Chaz explained. 

“So I’ve been practicing the same moves on Forza because iRacing apparently gets a bit uppity about drilling cars off into the Chase (at Bathurst) and stuff.” he added. 

“Forza is great because no one gives a fxxk what you do.”

Chaz went on to explain that now he’s in a “Holden”, he’s even more keen to punt off the Fords, because “it’s not like Supercars are going to do anything is it bro? Parity and all that.”.