Supercars: Roland Dane Comes Up With Excuse To Cancel E-Series

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

As the realisation hits that Triple 8 might not be guaranteed victories in the upcoming E-Series, team boss Roland Dane has come up with what he reckons is the perfect excuse for the series to not happen at all. 

Speaking exclusively to The Waterton Sports Chronicle, Roland told this reporter the team has identified “a major health issue” that according to him means if the series were to go ahead as planned, his drivers would be at “serious risk”. 

“Basically, we did some googling, and there are certain groups out there that seem to be pretty sure COVID-19 can be transmitted through the internet. Obviously this puts our drivers at serious risk of losing, I mean catching the virus.” Roland explained. 

Roland went on to explain that until Supercars provides a guarantee, Triple 8 won’t be participating. 

“What we need from Supercars is a guarantee that we’ll win, I mean, not get infected with the virus. We won’t stop whingeing about it until they provide that guarantee.” he explained.