Supercars: Shane van Gisbergen Accused Of Spying On Team Penske

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

As a handful of Supercars drivers continue to rack up the practice hours on iRacing, while others, specifically David Reynolds, Lee Holdsworth, Jamie Whincup and Rick Kelly, continue to search for the power button on their PCs, Triple 8 has apparently deployed a spy to gather intel from arch-rivals Team Penske in the lead up to the Supercars All Stars E-Series. 

Triple 8’s secret operation was blown wide open last night during Scott McLaughlin’s latest Twitch stream, when the Bathurst winner and two-time Supercars Champion received a text message from someone using the codename “Giz” asking him to stop practicing on iRacing. 

While Scotty brushed it off as just a mate of his engaging in some banter, The Waterton Sports Chronicle and many other far less reputable media outlets have taken the incident and immediately decided to make up stories about it. 

This reporter understands Triple 8 is working around the clock on covert surveillance of Scott McLaughlin’s sim racing, using what they’re calling a “highly complex and sophisticated espionage tactic”, believed to consist mostly of watching McLaughlin’s Twitch stream. 

Triple 8 boss Roland Dane refused to confirm our suspicions when we spoke to him earlier, revealing only that “a member of the team did gain access to that bastard’s, err, I mean, a rival’s stream.”.