Supercars: Macauley Jones’ Brake Pedal Falls Off

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

The ongoing drama between BJR driver Macauley Jones and braking components everywhere has continued this morning, with the young racer suffering what some are calling an “epic failure” on his sim rig during a practice session on iRacing this morning. 

The latest incident unfolded as Jones was attempting his first flying lap on iRacing’s version of the Phillip Island circuit. Approaching turn 1 at around 260kmh, the entire brake pedal assembly on his sim rig evidently decided it wants to be some place else, extracting itself from the pedal box and making a dash for the front door at Macauley’s house. 

The resulting chaos saw Macauley go powering across about a kilometre of paddocks, through the boundary fence at the edge of the circuit and over the cliff into the Tasman Sea, in scenes reminiscent of his Melbourne Grand Prix crash earlier in the month, albeit far more spectacular. 

The Waterton Sports Chronicle spoke exclusively to Macauley’s brake pedal, who said it was just “a bit over being a brake pedal” and decided it was going to do something else. 

“I’m sick of being stereotyped. I can be anything I want to be!” the brake pedal explained, angrily.