F1: E-Series Gives “TBC” His Opportunity To Shine

F1 fans are wondering if there’s really any point having an e-series in place of actual racing after F1 announced the driver lineup earlier today. 

For anyone living under a rock, which to be fair is probably quite a few of you these days, Formula One is supposed to be running an E-Series starting today to replace all the races cancelled so far by the COVID-19 hysteria. 

And boy have F1 managed to throw something together quickly, with so far the only 2020 driver actually confirmed being Nicholas Latifi at Williams. Which is concerning for many reasons, not least of which the fact he hasn’t even started an actual F1 race yet. 

Even experienced sim racer Max Verstappen is having none of it, telling The Waterton Sports Chronicle he’s not keen to be in equal equipment. 

“Nah, the risk of not winning is too high. I need everything to be easy for me or I just won’t bother.” he explained. 

Sebastian Vettel was apparently keen, but reportedly wrote off his sim rig in a practice session while learning how to race against a virtual version of Lewis Hamilton. 

Even zero times podium-getter Nico Hulkenberg will be racing, because “reasons”. 

Meanwhile, the front runner to win the whole series is currently some bloke using the gamertag “TBC”. The mystery driver is currently set to start today’s race in 13 of the 20 cars, with F1 virgin Latifi, Hulkenberg, and a bunch of complete randoms filling the other 7 seats in what is apparently F1’s idea of the 2020 F1 season.