AFL: St Kilda Blames Hostile Crowd For Loss To North Melbourne

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

After leading for most of the match, St Kilda adopted their traditional “Oh we’re winning, we better not let that happen” 4th Quarter strategy and ended up going down to powerhouses North Melbourne by 2 points this afternoon, much to the relief of the playing group, who didn’t want to risk making the Kangaroos feel bad for losing. 

While North were busy trying to work out how they actually ended up winning, Saint Kilda were trying to come up with a slightly convincing excuse for the ridiculous performance. 

Former Saints Captain turned tabloid journalist Nick Riewoldt told The Waterton Sports Chronicle the hostile crowd at Marvel Stadium was definitely a factor in the loss. 

“Yeah look, playing at Marvel is always a daunting prospect. In this case, sure, the crowd numbers were down a bit, but I reckon the boys still probably felt a bit of pressure from the occasional boundary line sledge or whatever.” Nick explained. 

When this reporter pointed out that the game was played in front of no one because of the “China virus”, Nick paused for some time, before suggesting “maybe a boundary umpire or someone was having a crack at them? Look, I dunno mate! You tell me!”.