Waterton Man Buys Adventure Bike, Tries To Go Into “Self-Isolation”

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

A Waterton Heights man has come up with what he reckoned was a genius plan to avoid the missus for a bit and survive the coronavirus pandemic at the same time. 

Barry O’Driscoll (65) decided this morning he’d had enough of sitting around watching the ABC try to scare the sxxt out of everyone all day and headed to his local BMW Motorrad dealer to see if they might have a cure. 

Luckily for Barry, they did have a cure, in the form of a brand new BMW 1200GS Adventure bike with all the modcons. 

After cracking out the cheque book for the fourth time today, Barry headed home to plan his first ever “adventure” ride. 

“If Ewen McGregor can do it, how hard can it be?” he muttered to himself as he searched an old map of Waterton for a place to go riding. 

Settling on a bigger than average park up the road because he needed to get out of the house before the missus got home and started asking questions about the $39,000 missing from the bank account, Barry packed a few essentials, beer mostly, and headed for the park. 

Upon arriving at the park, Barry decided to try out the off road capabilities of his new Beemer, tentatively edging the bike onto the freshly mown footy field. “Oh wow! This thing is fantastic!” he said to himself as the bike handled the smooth terrain with ease. 

It was at this point that things started to go a little pear-shaped for Barry. Spotting a small lake on the other side of the park, he decided to head over and have a look. Unfortunately, the edge of the lake was a little bit soft due to a ten minute rain shower a few weeks ago, and the BMW was having none of it, highsiding Barry into the lake. 

With the self-isolation going well, but the adventure riding not so much, Barry picked himself up and decided to set up camp for the night and ponder how to get his bike out of the lake. 

Thankfully around 11pm, just as Barry was about to start walking home to face the missus, an Australia Post employee on the trusty old CT100 emerged from the darkness, apparently heading to the lake to dump the letters and stuff he didn’t feel like delivering today. 

Dropping Barry off at his front door with the customary screech of brakes, the postie said “Good luck mate, you’ll need it.”, before heading off into the night.