Supercars: “What’s iRacing?” Asks David Reynolds

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

With the announcement the other day that Supercars will run an online E-Series to replace actual motorsport, some teams and drivers are better placed than others to not make themselves look like idiots. 

While the likes of Scott McLaughlin, Shane van Gisbergen and Anton de Pasquale have a raft of experience with sim racing, others are looking more and more likely to get utterly spanked by the “young kids”. 

To their credit, the boys at Kelly Racing have at least worked out that they need to build a couple of sim rigs. 

Penrite Racing’s David Reynolds appears to still be in the early stages of working out his strategy for the series, with the massive Scott McLaughlin fan tackling the basics first, last night firing up his trusty old Compaq 486 with Windows 95, intending to search Encarta for some info on this iRacing carry-on, apparently not spotting the massive sim rig Erebus has had sitting at their factory for the last couple of years. 

A source familiar with the scene told The Waterton Sports Chronicle it was “quite hilarious really”.

“Davie spent a good twenty minutes just trying to find the power button to turn the bloody  thing on!” explained the witness. 

“From there he eventually worked out how to double-click the mouse, and headed straight for Microsoft Encarta to see if he could find any info on iRacing.”. 

After eventually working out that the world had moved on from Encarta to Google some time ago, Reynolds reportedly started looking into what upgrades he’d need for the 486 to get it ready for the E-Series. 

More to come.