Formula One Develops Cunning Plan To Pretend 2020 Season Is Still Happening

Bryan Firebrand | Chief Editor | CONTACT

Formula One owners Liberty Media have reportedly spent the last week or so coming up with a cunning plan to make everyone think there’s any chance in hell of the 2020 season actually happening. 

The news comes following the announcement today that the Dutch, Spanish and Monaco Grand Prix have been “postponed”, adding to the earlier cancellations of the Australian, Chinese, Bahrain, and VIetnam events. 

Liberty Media boss Chase “The Monopoly Man” Carey told The Waterton Sports Chronicle the organisation worked hard on a strategy following the debacle that was the Australian Grand Prix last week. 

“Yeah look, in the interests of keeping fans mildly optimistic that there might maybe be some racing this year, we’ve developed a strategy where we’ll just gradually announce what we’re calling ‘postponements’, hehe, of events throughout the year.” he explained. 

“We do need to be careful with the timing of the announcements though. Our aim is basically to cancel the whole season without anyone really noticing until after it’s been cancelled.” added Chase. 

More to come.