AFL: Eddie McGuire Auditions For Millionaire As AFL Season Locks Out Fans

Damian Barrington | Footy Speculator | CONTACT

As the Wuhan Sniffle continues to wreak havoc on the social lives of Australian everywhere (aside from the raging scenes at your local Woolworths), Collingwood President Eddie McGuire has looked to alternative revenue streams for the club by tapping into one of his other jobs. 

“While I was hosting breakfast radio and daydreaming about new ways to upset Sydney fans this week it dawned on me,” McGuire revealed to this reporter. “If I can be president and media host at the same time, why can’t I be gameshow host and contestant? A million bucks would certainly at least help clear up the alleged local TAB, sorry mental health, issues for one of our tattooed young men.”.   

Reportedly he has breezed through the auditions and may, in fact, have already filmed the episode. 

Asked whether he thinks he may hold a distinct advantage having the answers on a card in front of him, he smiled coyly. 

“As host I can definitely tell you there’s a good chance we might finally see that million dollar winner this season.”.

More to come.